AJPW 2ND WRESTLE-1 Show (19/1/03) Review


Someone recently uploaded this oddball show and as soon as I saw the card, I thought I would check it out and review it even though I’m not really expecting much good from it, but still find these bizarre shows quite fascinating.
From one I can gather this is the second of two shows run by AJPW in partnership with K-1 and PRIDE. The first show was in Yokohama and was main eventedĀ  by Bob Sapp/Great Muta, whilst this one is in the Tokyo Dome and main evented by Bob Sapp/Ernesto Hoost, so there was obviously a lot of money thrown at it considering the venues.
It has a bit of an early HUSTLE vibe to it and certainly looks like a card they would have produced in the beginning almost like a prototype event for it. So lets see how it went.

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