WWE Mae Young Classic 2018 Episode 6 (10/10/18) Review


Time for the second and last batch of MYC 2018 2nd round matches, this time featuring Zeuxis/Io Shirai and Mia Yim/Kaitlyn.

Round 2 Match 1 – Io Shirai vs. Zeuxis

Really solid match. Was very back and forth and kept a good pace delivering some good action along the way, Zeuxis even busts out a La Santa Maria(more commonly known as Here it is Driver or Made in Japan) which is a move I wouldn’t expect them to allow but was cool to see. She puts up a good fight but in the end Io gets the win hitting a moonsault. The two meshed really well and it was very enjoyable.
Winner: Io Shirai (via Moonsault) ***1/2

Round 2 Match 2 – Deonna Purrazzo vs. Xia Li

Decent match-up. It was mostly even but Deonna did seem to have the upper-hand at points particularly with her experience factor and in the end she catches Xia flying from the second rope into a Fujiwara armbar which she transforms into a double armbar to make Xia submit. Match was a little rough around the edges mainly because of Xia’s inexperience I like her style with the Wushu elements incorporated but she still needs to hone other aspects a little more, she still did pretty well though.
Winner: Deonna (via double armbar) ***

Round 2 Match 3 – Tegan Nox vs. Nicole Matthews

This was pretty solid. Nicole wastes no time laying in a beat down and dominates the majority of the the match but Tegan fights through it all and at the end makes a come back hitting the Shiniest wizard to get the win. A simple but effectively done match.
Winner: Tegan (via Shiniest Wizard) ***

Round 2 Main Event – Mia Yim vs. Kaitlyn

Very good final 2nd round match. Mia has a taped up injured hand which causes her trouble at points and Kaitlyn targets it a little, but Mia also targets Kaitlyn’s leg so she has a hurt limb to even the playing field. The finishing stretch is short but very sweet with both women managing to kick out of each others finishers before Mia locks in a kneebar on Kaitlyn’s leg she’d been working on which forces Kaitlyn to tap-out and give Mia the victory. She may have lost but Kaitlyn looked really good in her two tournament matches and if she ever decided to come back for a full run, I’d be behind it.
Winner: Mia (via Kneebar) ***1/2

Not as good as the first batch of 2 second round matches but still very solid overall with the first and last match being the best ones. All the quarter finals are sorted and looking good, although I am dreading one, as I know it doesn’t go so well and will be tough to watch, other than that bring ’em on.

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