NOAH Global Jr. League Finale 2018 (4/10/18) Review


It’s the 2018 Jr. Global League final as Kotaro Suzuki squares off against YO-HEY, also Takashi Sugiura puts hit GHC title on the line against Katsuhiko Nakajima. Lets go!

Match 1 – Hajime Ohara, Ikuto Hidaka & Takuya Sugawara vs. Hiroshi Yamato, Masao Inoue & Seiya Morohashi

Only half that match is shown but it consists of some fun fast paced action and Masao Inoue who’s certainly the oddball in this match but didn’t take away from it at all. Hidaka ends up rolling him up for a 3 count.
Winners: Ohara/Hidaka/Sugawara (via roll-up) NR – clipped

Match 2 – Atsushi Kotoge vs. Kikutaro

Speaking of odd, a bit of usual match-up from NOAH but Kotoge has been going weird with his capes so I guess it makes sense. Match is clipped but has some fun comedy stuff on the go, at one point everyone including the ref gets low blowed and Kikutaro hits Kotoge with a shining wizard but as the ref is about to count to 3 he’s still suffering from the low blow and stops from the pain thus costing Kikuatro the victory. leading to Kotoge hitting a superman splash whilst wearing his cape to get the win.
Winner: Kotoge (via superman splash) NR – clipped

Match 3 – Go Shiozaki, Kaito Kiyomiya & Masa Kitamiya vs. Hitoshi Kumano, Junta Miyawaki & Yoshiki Inamura

Another clipped match-up, but what they showed was solid stuff. what stood out for me here though was Inamura. That rookie has a tremendous amount of spunk and put on a really spirited performance trying to match-up with Shiozaki and Kitamitya, the guy carries himself really well and I already see a lot of potential in him. But despite his efforts he still has a long way to go as Kitamiya locks him in a Sasorigatame to make him submit.
Winners: Shiozaki/Kiyomiya/Kitamiya (via Sasorigatame) NR – Clipped

Match 4 – Kenou vs. Kouki Iwasaki

Pretty good little match that was very competitive and 90% stiff kicks.
Ends with Kenou getting the win with a PK. Not sure what else to add it was two people continually kicking each other which is quite fun.
Winner: Kenou (via PK) ***

Match 5 – Hi69, Minoru Tanaka & Yoshinari Ogawa vs. Daisuke Harada, HAYATA & Tadasuke

This had a couple minutes cut but was still very solid with a lot of good and well paced junior action on the go. Harada gets the win with a Katayama german suplex hold.
Winner: RATEL’s (via Katayama German Suplex hold) ***1/4

Match 6 – Mohammed Yone, Quiet Storm, Akitoshi Saito & Naomichi Marufuji vs. Cody Hall, KAZMA SAKAMOTO, Maybach Taniguchi & Mitsuya Nagai

Last of the clipped tag matches, it seemed pretty solid. Starts out as brawl before turning normal. Maybach gets the win for his team hitting an assisted Maybach Bomb Zwei on Marufuji.
Winners: Hall/KAZMA/Maybach/Nagai (via assisted Maybach Bomb Zwei) NR clipped.

Match 7 – Global Jr. League Final: Kotaro Suzuki vs. YO-HEY

Really good Jr. League final. Kotaro targets Yo-hey’s midsection throughout the match and Yo-hey does his best fight through it stay in things. At the end it looks like he close to winning ant hits Kotaro with three different Ganmen G’s but Kotaro kicks out of all of them and then catches yo-hey during a fourth one bombs him down and hits the Requiem, a move he doesn’t bust out often to get the pinfall and win the league. Feel like they could have done a bit more in the finishing stretch as it felt a bit too sudden for Kotaro to just kick-out of YO-HEY’s big offense and straight away hit his finisher for the win. Still a very good match though, it’s nice seeing Kotaro mix up in a NOAH ring again and it’s certainly not over yet with him getting a shot at Harada’s Jr. title which should be good.
Winner: Kotaro Suzuki (via Requiem) ***3/4

Main Event – GHC Heavyweight Title Match: Takashi Sugiura (c) vs. Katushiko Nakajima

Tremendous match-up. Dickhead Nakajima was in full swing here and it was great, in the opening moments he just lays down on the ground acting like Suguira is nothing and he does some other equally cocky things at a few points with pin covers and stuff. He also uses a couple of foreign objectsto his advantage¬† but of course his main deadly weapon were those vicious kicks which he dished out a plenty. Sugiura certainly didn’t things lying down though and made sure to give Nakajima his fair share of punishment. Towards the end though it becomes a fight for survival for Sugiura as Nakajima continually batters the shit of him and at times it even seems like Sugiura may be knocked out. But despite the hellacious beating Sugiura will not lose grip of his title and with the crowd rallying behind him, in one last ditch effort he catches Nakajima’s leg during a kick and locks in the ankle-hold, which he grapevines in the centre of the ring. With nowhere to go Nakajima can only withstand the pain for so long before finally tapping out. Terrific work from both men, a very stiff contest as Sugiura continues his great title run, probably my second favourite defense he’s had so far. Great stuff.
Winner: Sugiura (via anklehold) ****1/2

This was essentially a two match show and those two matches delivered well especially the main event which is highly recommended. The rest of the show was still enjoyable though, majority of matches may have been cut but they provided some good action and it made for an easy two hour sit through, even if they are still easily skippable.

Thanks for reading.

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