NOAH Global League 2018 Day 2 (8/11/18) Review


Day 2 of the Global League which wasn’t planted on Nico but had a proper live TV Broadcast which is lovely. Featuring Marufuji/Kenou, Nakajima/Sato and Sugiura/Kiyomiya. Lets go!

Block B Match – Mohammed Yone vs. Atsushi Kotoge

Solid first league match for day 2, they skip the grappling formalities and go straight to trying to boot each other in the face, creating a nice little back and forth rhythm that stays consistent throughout. At one point they brawl on the outside and come close to both being counted but they get back in and in the end it’s one big lariat followed by a muscle buster that gives Yone the win.
Winner: Yone [2] (via Muscle Buster) ***

Block A Match – Mistuya Nagai vs. Masa Kitamiya

Pretty decent match. Right away Nagai pulls Kitamiya to the outside and roughs him up with chairs to get a slight bit of control before Kitamiya gets back into things. It’s all fairly average stuff and has a couple of stumbles but worked well enough. Kitamiya gets the win with a saito suplex.
Winner: Kitamiya [2] (via Saito Suplex) **3/4

Block B Match – Go Shiozaki vs. Kazusada Higuchi

This was really solid. I’ll admit I’m not that familiar with Higuchi since I’m not a big DDT watcher but he certainly proves to be a good match for Go. Early on he actually seems to be a little dominant but Go soon finds his footing and things get very even  including some hefty chops being thrown out with both their chests gaining some colour. By the end they start clashing with the Lariats with Go finally managing to lay out Higuchi with one to get the victory. Good showing from Higuchi, certainly seems to be a good fit for the tournament.
Winner: Shiozaki [4] (via lariat) ***1/2

Block B Match – Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Takashi Sugiura

My boy Kaito beat the champ!. Match was quite good too, Kaito shows good spirit in the beginning before getting planted on his neck on the apron by a lariat which puts Sugiura in control and makes it a struggle for Kiyomiya. He still does what he can to survive Sugiura’s assault getting in flashes of offence and by the end whilst things aren’t looking good for him he manages to counter a headlock into a pinning clutch to get the 3 count. That’s two losses in a row for the GHC champ so not a good start for him, though I’m sure he’ll start racking up the victories from here on out. Happy for Kaito though, always a fan of underdogs surviving through punihsment.
Winner: Kiyomiya [2] (via pinning clutch) ***1/4

Block A Match – Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Kohei Sato

Another good match-up. Things start quite steady as Nakajima acts quite reserved wanting to fight Sato at his own pace but it soon turns into as straight up barrage of stiff strikes and couple of headrops that ends with Sato winning with a bridging german suplex. Kinda wish it would have gone a little longer, but was still enjoyable nonetheless.
Winner: Sato [4] (via bridging german suplex) ***1/4

Block A Match – Kenou vs. Naomichi Marufuji

Terrific match to end day 2. Both guys were on theirA   game and really delivered.
At first Marufuji has a bit of the upper-hand, gaining control and working Kenou head and neck but once Kenou gets back into the fight we get some great back and forth action on the go featuring a few lovely little sequences, a nice chop/kick exchange and a couple of good nearfalls thrown in there. Kenou then tops off the awesomeness by unexpectedly hitting a diving front flip double stomp to get the victory. Lovely stuff, Best match of the tournament thus far, both guys worked to their strengths and made it work incredibly well.
Really enjoying the stern and precise approach Marufuji has been utilising so far even though he hasn’t won yet. Will also be interesting to see how often Kenou busts out that finish.
Winner: Kenou [2] (via front flip double stomp) ****1/4

Solid second day for the league, the main event is certainly recommended and whilst the rest of it isn’t exactly must-see, it still provides some good stuff and is a  very easy watch. Not sure how much more of the tournament we’ll get to see but glad we got them first two shows.

Thanks for reading.

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