NOAH GHC Heavyweight Title Matches (2006 – 2009) Review


Been a while since I looked at the GHC matches from 2001 – 2005 (link here), but here’s the continuation of that including Misawa’s final title run and new faces coming into the title picture who would be mainstays for years to come, as the landscape of NOAH starts to change.
Now like before there are a few matches I was unable to find so reviews will be added in the future if I comes across them, other than that lets go!

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Giant Baba 20th Memorial anniversary Show (19/2/19) Review


It’s 20 years since the legendary Giant Baba passed away, so here’s a unique little show to commemorate it with wrestlers across various promotions taking part including Kento Miyahara/Daisuke Sekimoto against Hiroshi Tanahashi/YoshiTatsu in the main event.

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