NJPW/ROH G1 Supercard 2019: Madison Square Garden (6/4/19) Review


It’s G1 Supercard, as for the first time ROH and New Japa run the legendary Madison Square Garden. And with quite a stacked card on the go, let’s see if it’ll deliver.

Kick-off match – Honor Rumble: Kenny King vs. Jushin Liger vs. Minoru Suzuki vs. Beery City Bruiser vs. Cheeseburger vs. Sho vs. Yoh vs. Shingo vs. BUSHI vs. Shaheem Ali vs. Rhett Titus vs.  LSG vs. Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Will Ferrara vs. Chase Owens vs. Rocky Romero vs. Milonas vs. Bad Luck Fale vs. Tracy Williams vs. YOSHI-HASHI vs. PJ Black vs, TK O’ryan vs. Vinny Marseglia vs.  Delirious vs. Tomohiro Ishii vs. Toru Yano Colt cabana vs. Hirooki Goto vs. King Haku vs. Great Muta

Pretty average rumble really, a lot of  generic rumble brawling on the go and a not a whole lot else. Main highlights are Toru Yano swapping his spot with Cabana on commentary and Great Muta somehow being in it.
Final two actually seems to be Muta and Liger, but Kenny King who was the number one entrant, had been hiding out on the outside so he’s sneaks his way back in and eliminates both men to earn himself a future World Title shot.
Winner: Kenny King – **3/4

Match 1 – NEVER Openweight Title/ROH TV Title Match: Will Ospreay (c) vs. Jeff Cobb (c)

Very good opener. Goes how you’d expect with Cobb catching and throwing about Ospreay with his power and Ospreay trying to counter it with his agility. Leads to nice back and forth action with a few good little spots in there.
At the end Cobb gives Ospreay a Tour of the Islands off the top and then delivers a normal one to finish off Ospreay and retain his TV Title as well as become the new NEVER Openweight Champion.
Winner: Cobb (via Tour of the Islands) ***3/4

Match 2 – Rush vs. Dalton Castle

Rush completely squashes him straight off with three running dropkicks in the corner, because Dalton Castle got a little distracted by one of his boys leaving a feather in the ring. Haha
Winner: Rush (via running corner dropkick) SQUASH

-After the match, Castle attacks his boys so I guess the whole thing could setup a character change for him.

– Juice Robinson is mysteriously attacked backstage.

Match 3 – Woman of Honor World Title Match: Mayu Iwatani (c) vs. Kelly Klein

This was odd. The whole thing just seemed to lack cohesion and did not flow smoothly. The crowd also just seemed to sitting on their hands through out of it, but I always see from people that ROH haven’t handled theirwomen’s division well, so that’s probably why no on cared .
So it just fell flat even though I don’t think it the women put in a bad effort per se, the match just wasn’t good..
Winner: Kelly Klein (via K Power ) **

-After the match Angelina Love and Velvet Sky maked thier ROH debut and come out to team up with Mandy Leon to gang up on Kelly Klein.

-Megaran comes out to perform is theme song for the show and the crowd do not seem happy about it.
-Bully Ray comes out and interrupts him and proceeds to attack him.
-Bull Ray sarcastically says it’s a shame that Juice was attacked, but his open challenge is now re-opened.
-Flip Gordon returns form injury to answer it.

Match 4 – New York City Street Fight: Bully Ray vs. Flip Gordon

So Ray and flip start fighting but then Silas Young and Shane Taylor come out to help take out flip.
– Mark Haskins and Juice Robinson come out with some plunder and Juice says they should make it 3 on 3.

Match 4 – New York City Street fight: Bully Ray/Silas Young/Shane Taylor vs. Mark Haskins/Juice Robinson/Flip Gordon

Fun match. Had some nice little hardcore spots scattered through it and fair amount of plunder used. At the end Haskins, Juice and Flip get Bully on his own and gang up on him with Flip Gordon hitting a 450 splash to end things.
Thing does Border on comical at a couple of points especially Bully screaming ‘oh my balls’ a few times, but I enjoyed it still and rather this than just a Flip/Bully singles.
Winners: Lifeblood/Flip Gordon (via 450 Splash) ***

Match 5 – IWGP Jr. Title Match: Taiji Ishimori (c) vs. Bandido vs. Dragon Lee

Very good match. Exactly what you expect really a lot of consistent fast paced exciting action including Bandido managed a super moonsault fallaway slam on both Ishimori and Lee at the same time. In the end though Dragon Lee becomes the new champion hitting Bandido with Desnucadora. Definitely feel like it could have gone longer, but enjoyed what they did still.
Winner: Dragon Lee (via Desncadora) ***1/2

Match 6 – IWGP Tag/ROH World Tag title Match: Lij (SANADA/EVIL) vs. The Briscoes (Jay/Mark Briscoe) vs. Villain enterprises (PCO/Brody King) (c) vs. GoD (Tama Tonga/Tonga Roa)

This is four corner survival, so every team is in at the same time, which basically means it’s more frantic chaotic action, but it’s still a lot of fun and includes PCO getting powerbombed from inside the ring  to the floor outside by GoD, the mad bastard.
GoD win both belts with a super powerbomb on Brody King.
Winners: GoD (via super powerbomb) ***3/4

-As GoD celebrate, Toru Yano steals the IWGP tag belts.

-Something goes on the crowd which causes them to waste time. Hearing afterwards that’s something to do with Enzo and Big Cass, who are apparently joining ROH which is garbage news.

Match 7 –  RPW British Heavyweight Title Match: Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Great match. Goes similar to their other ones where Zack goes after Tanahashi’s arm trying for submissions whilst Tana does what he can to stop him, including going after the legs a little. This leads to lots of lovely little counters and then a great end struggle where Zack keeps adjusting his submission to Tana can’t get out of it, til eventually Tana is too tied up to do anything and is forced to submit. Alywas really enjoy their matches and this is no different
Winner: Zack Sabre Jr. (via submission) ****

Match 8 – IWGP Intercontinental Title Match: Kota Ibushi vs. Tetsuya Naito (c)

Another great match. Also what you’d expect from these two, Naito gets control early targeting Ibushi’s head and neck before it turns more even and they start busting out the big moves including a few head drops, thought the one head drop spot doesn’t really go right as Naito struggles to keep his balance. By the end Ibushi uses two Boma-yes for a nearfall before finally hitting a Kamigoe to become the new IC champion. so yeah has a few little niggles and think I prefer their other matches, but still pretty great nonetheless.
Winner: Ibushi (via Kamigoe) ****

Match 9 – ROH World Title Ladder Match: Marty Scurll vs. Jay Lethal (c) vs. Matt Taven

Considering this was a match I didn’t care for, it ended up being pretty excellent. Everyone worked hard and they really packed it full of  fun ladder spots, particularly lots of moves onto ladders, a couple of table bumps and even a giant ladder coming in at the end. Think my favourite spot was Scurll doing his finger snapping to both of Taven’s hands on the ladder, so when Scurll’s taken off the ladder and Taven’s hands are too hurt to grab anything causing him to fall off the ladder.
In the end though it is Taven who wins the match after taking out both Lethal and Scurll to become new ROH World Champion. I don’t really watch much ROH but I know a lot of people aren’t fussed on Taven so I’m sure that’s a fun outcome for them.
Winner: Taven – ****1/4

Main Event – IWGP Heavyweight Title Match: Kazuchika Okada vs. Jay White (c)

Very good main event. I liked the beginning stuff and then Jay’s control after Gedo’s distractions and I also enjoyed the finishing stretch just before Jay kicks out of a Rainmaker onwards. But there was some back and forth in-between all that, which while fundamentally solid , didn’t really grip me. I think maybe the pacing was a bit off and the crowd seems to have gotten a little exhausted so atmosphere was a little tame a times for such a big match, though certainly picked up at the end.
Okada wins in the end with a final Rainmaker after a nice counter sequence.
Honestly feels way to soon for Okada to already get his redemption, think they should have given Jay at least a couple of defences before taking it off them. But they obviously wanted to do a big change at MSG, so fair enough.
I have much preferred their other matches but this was still really good despite lacking a bit of the drama and excitement it needed.
Winner: Okada (via Rainmaker) ***3/4

I’ve seen people completely crap on this show, particularly on the ROH side of things and whilst I do think ROH have made some questionable booking decisions that can understandably leave a bad taste in alot of peoples mouths, I still mostly enjoyed the show overall. A lot of the main New Japan guys have had better matches before but their matches here were still good and the ladder match I didn’t really care for beforehand ended up being my match of the night.
So yeah, a bit underwhelming sure but still solid overall.

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