NJPW G1 Climax 29 Day 2 (13/7/19) Review


Day 2 of the G1 Climax and we’re back in Japan to kick off B Block with four people making their G1 debuts. Let’s see how it goes.

B Block Match – Shingo Takagi vs. Juice Robinson

Great start to the B Block. Shingo gets a bit of control early on, but it’s mostly some realg good back and forth action, that flowed really nicely and had the crowd really riled up before the end. They throw in a couple small nearfalls too and in the end Robinson hit’s Pulp Friction on Shingo to win the points.
It really is great to see Shingo in this tournament and I’m excited to see him mix it up with everyone, he really is a perfect for the heavyweight division, which was very clear from his Champion Carnival run last year. Real good stuff from Juice too.
Winner: Juice [2] (via Pulp Friction) ****

B Block Match – Taichi vs. Jon Moxley

This was really good. Moxley actually makes his entrance through the crowd and as he does this Taichi sneaks out the ring and attacks him, so they brawl outside a bit and Taichi tries for an early countout victory. What unfolds is a really nice energetic match that is straight to the point with it’s action that made for an engaging watch.
There’s even a table bump thrown in and a ref bump which leads to Taichi get smashed in the face with a chair.
In the end Moxley spikes Taichi with a devastating Death rider to win the points.
A hot start for both guys’ first G1.
Winner: Moxley [2] (via Death Rider) ***3/4

B Block Match – Tetsuya Naito vs. Toru Yano

Quite a fun Yano match. He see Naito wearing a shirt to start so decides to put his on to wrestle too. Naito tries to use some of Yano’s antics against him, but it doesn’t work out and backfires on him.
At the end the ref gets blinded but his shirt and Yano then hits a low blow and blinds Naito with his shirt and follows it up with a spear to the back and a schoolboy rollup to get the upset win. A very short and fun match-up.
You know one thing I love about Yano’s matches is that it’s always very possible that one of his sneaky pins is gotta be the one and it really makes things quite unpredictable and exciting compared to a normal match, which is why I’ll never tire of Yano in this tournament. Also loved how he capitalized on Naito deciding to wearing a shirt to get the win here.
Winner: Yano [2] (via roll-up) ***1/4

B Block Match – Tomohiro Ishii vs. Jeff Cobb

Great beefy clash here. Just big ol’ mix of elbows, chops, lariats and power moves. Did take me a while to really get into it though, like I was enjoying what they were doing something seemed to be lacking earlier on to make me truly compelled. But the excitement levels certainly increased as it went on, especially in the last 5 – 10 minutes. So it still made for a very enjoyable match overall and a good debut for Cobb with Ishii getting the win from a brainbuster.
Winner: Ishii [2] (via brainbuster) ****

B Block Main Event – Jay White vs. Hirooki Goto

Great main event to end on. Goto starts off well but then Gedo gets involved allowing White to to take control of the match for a fair bit. I really enjoyed Jay’s approach here, throughout he’s quite disrespectful and able to scout out quite a bit of Goto’s offence, whilst Goto straight up was gutsy with never back down attitude and it made for a very enjoyable match with Goto even managing the big win, hitting a GTR.
It certainly difficult to get your hopes up for Goto after all the meandering that happens to him throughout the years, but I have to admit, I’m buying into to the big Goto come back right now.
Winner: Goto (via GTR) ****

An excellent start to B Block with a lot of a good stuff on the go. It also has a nice variety of action, which I think is something that gives B Block the edge of A Block, especially with them having four new unique individual taking part for the first time. Certainly excited to see how the rest of it plays out.

Thanks for reading.


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