NJPW G1 Climax 29 Day 5 (18/7/19) Review


It’s day five of the G1 with more A Block and our main event is a WK rematch of sorts as Ibushi takes on Ospreay.

A Block Match – KENTA vs. Lance Archer

Very good match. KENTA comes right at Archer with a flurry of kicks to begin, but Archer soon puts a stop to him and gains a little control. There’s a cool little spot where Archer chokeslams KENTA off the apron onto two young lions but the Lions manage to successfully catch KENTA, so Archer takes them all out with a rolling senton.
KENTA is soon back in the match though and doing what he can to take down the big man leading to some nice back and forth. He manages to block Archer’s E.B.D claw attempts and struggles to hit the GTS but in the end he counters a chokeslam into a triangle hold and transitions it into the GAME OVER submission to make Archer quickly tap out. Real nice little finish as KENTA racks up another successful win. Another real good showing from Archer though.
Winner: KENTA [6] (via GAME OVER) ***1/2

A Block Match – EVIL vs. SANADA

Another very good match. Of course with them being team mates, they know each other very well and so we get a highly competitive match-up, with both guys even hitting each others moves on each other like EVIL locking in the Paradise Lock and SANADA hitting the EVIL. There’s also a few nice little inside cradle nearfalls in there, but in the end it’s EVIL that comes out on top hitting EVIL to win the points.
Winner: EVIL [4] (via EVIL) ***1/2

A Block Match – Kazuchika Okada vs. Bad Luck Fale

Decent match. Fale sneak attacks Okada backstage and drags him out, taking control from the get go, Okada tries to come back but then Jado and Chase put a stop to that.
Fale continues work on Okada’s back but Okada soon musters  the strength to hit a body slam and from there starts to come back. He then tries the rainmaker but Fales blocks it with the referee, allowing Chase to get involved again.
Okada still manages to stay in the fight though and at the end grabs Okada so that Fale can run at him, but Okada dodges and goes for the reverse neckbreaker, Fale slides down, but Okada catches his legs in a pinning clutch to get the win.
Maybe a bit too many shenanigans for some people, but I thought it was a pretty decent struggle for Okada to survive the underhanded tactics and numbers. They’ve certainly had much better matches in the past though. Still don’t think a guy the size of Fale should require all that help either.
Winner: Okada [6] (via rainmaker) ***

A Block Match – Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

This was really good. They got some nice mat work going on to begin and they keep it quite steady and don’t try to rush through it. Eventually Tanahashi starts bringing in other offense whilst Zack sticks to the submissions and they have european uppercut back and for. Tana tries to win with a number of pinning clutches throughout and at the end he goes for the high fly flow but Zack gets his knees up and turns it into triangle hold. Tana however manages to flip over into a jacknife cover, that gets him the three count giving  him his first victory so far as Zack continues to lose.  Always really like these two guys working together and this was no different.
Winner: Tanahashi [2] (via jacknife pin) ****

A Block Main Event – Will Ospreay vs. Kota Ibushi

Great match. Took a little while to really kick in, the first 10 minutes they take it rather steady with both guys getting a bit of control working on each other’s injuries. then from there things escalate quite nicely and they start bringing in the big moves including a couple head drops and some nice counters. It gets very competitive and they almost hit the time limit, running at 27 minutes but in the end Ibushi manages to hit the Kamigoe to get his first win in the tournament.
Ibushi still looked a bit more grounded here due to his ankle injury and whilst I don’t think it’s quite at the level of their Wrestle Kingdom match, they still worked it really well and had a very enjoyable match.
Winner: Ibushi [2] (via Kamigoe) ****

Another solid day overall. Last two matches were certainly the best but I also quite liked the first two as well. I’m sure most will dislike the Fale/Okada match though, which is understandable but I still enjoyed it somewhat.

Thanks for reading.


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