NJPW G1 Climax 29 Day 6 & 7 (19/7/19 – 20/7/19) Review


Okay getting a little bit behind but I did start writing this last week, it’s just been a busy week for me, but I can finally bust this out. Here’s day 6 and 7 of the 2019 G1 featuring Moxley/Ishii and Okada/Ospreay in the main Events.

B Block Match – Taichi vs. Shingo Takagi

This was really good. Shingo wastes no time laying right into Taichi from the get go, but Taichi on the outside manages to put a stop to him a gain a little control before it turns to all out back and forth, with Taichi not relying on any of his dirty tactics apart from a low blow attempt that gets blocked. Just some lovely straight up “Dangerous T” here, which included a little lariat struggle that I enjoyed alot.
Taichi does a get a good nearfall with a last ride, but in the end Shingo manages to hit Last of the Dragon to win the points himself.
Winner: Shingo [4] (via Last of the Dragon) ***3/4

B Block Match – Jeff Cobb vs. Juice Robinson

Another really good match. Throughout Juice seemed to have the edge being more agile, which allowed him to get in more offense. Cobb was staying in the fight well enough though with his power moves and was able to withstand Juice’s arsenal and manages to hit Tour of Islands to get his first win.
So yeah, they had a good dynamic and played it out very well.
Winner: Cobb [4] (via Tour of the Islands) ***3/4

B Block Match – Jay White vs. Toru Yano

Yano pins another former heavyweight champion in a fun little contest. Of course Jay himself is known to use some underhanded tactics which he tries to utilize including a low blow and a lot of Gedo involvement. But Yano manages to outsmart him and use Gedo’s involvement against him, pushing Jay right into Gedo whilst he’s in the ring and hitting a low blow followed by a roll-up to get another big win as Jay gets his third loss in a row.
Winner: Yano [4] (via rollup) ***

B Block Match – Tetsuya Naito vs. Hirooki Goto

This was very good, though I felt it fell off a bit in its finishing stretch. At the start Goto isn’t messing around and after Naito makes fun of his LA Dojo shirt, he surprisingly wraps the shirt around Naito’s neck to choke him in a quick act of aggression. He seems pretty relentless but then Naito gets an opportunity to snap Goto’s left knee on the apron and takes control, doing good work with continually targeting the knee.
And Goto does do a good job of selling it, but then in the finishing stretch he shrugs it off completely and they just do some standard back and forth until Naito hits a Destino to get his first win. Sometimes stuff like that doesn’t bother me so much, but it didn’t feel like he was fighting through the knee pain or there was a gradual recovery, it just felt like all the limb work just suddenly didn’t happen at all, which didn’t sit well with me.
I still enjoyed the majority of the match though and the finishing stretch was still mostly fine aside a messy convoluted counter sequence. And since Naito is IC champ he certainly needed this win, though Goto’s chances now gradually decrease yet again.
Winner: Naito [2] (via Destino) ***1/2

B Block Main Event – Jon Moxley vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Excellent main event. They square up right off the bat and then Moxley starts taking Ishii for a trip around the hall throwing him into the East sign and lariating him up in the stands, he gets a bit of control from it, but Ishii is soon back with some fire and we get some real good back and forth from it, with Moxley doing a heckuva a job matching up strikes with Ishii. So there’s some nice stiffness and even a little headbutt clash.
Of course chairs are also brought into the mix and a table where Ishii busts out a surprise splash from the top to the outside to put Moxley through it.
It gets very competitive, but in the end Moxley hits the Deathrider to get the win  and currently lead B Block. Enjoyed that a lot had some good fierce energy to it.
Winner: Moxley [6] (via Deathrider) ****1/4

Onto Day 7 with some more A Block.

A Block Match – Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Bad Luck Fale

This was a decent little match. Zack was really desperate for his first win, So right off the bat he jumps on Fale and locks in a guillotine choke. From there he just locks in submissions at every opportunity, but of course Fale size, stops him from keeping them in long. Soon enough Zack gets an octopus stretch locked in tight but Jado hits him in the back with a kendo stick and they end up on the outside.
They go up into the stands where the ref starts counting and Sabre manages to get Fale down and runs into the ring before the 20 count, whilst Fale is too slow to make it in time and gets counted out. Nice little desperation win for Zack, liked how they worked it.
Winner: Zack [2] (via count-out) ***

A Block Match – Lance Archer vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Great match. From the the get go Tanahashi goes right after Archer’s knees, but Archer quickly puts a stop to that with a chokeslam on the apron and from there continues to dominate throughout the match, making it a real struggle for Tanahashi who was still managing to get in a bit of offence, but not a whole lot. I think Archer did great with his control though and he comes close to winning, managing to lock in the EBD claw but Tana manages to fall backwards into the ropes to break it.
Archer then sets up Tanahashi on top ready for the Blackout, but Tana manages to do a victory roll instead which gets him the narrow victory.
Winner: Tanahashi [4] (via Victory Roll) ****

A Block Match – KENTA vs. EVIL

This was really good.. It was very competitive with both guys matching up real well throughout. There’s even a little suplex onto chairs spot outside in the stands.
KENTA continues his win streak, racking up another win for himself with a GTS.
EVIL had some very good chemistry with them and they made it work well.
Winner: KENTA [8] (via GTS) ***3/4

A Block Match – SANADA vs. Kota Ibushi

Very good match. Got some smooth counter wrestling on the go, though there were of course a couple of convoluted sequences that didn’t pan out so well but the ideas were there I guess. Still it was mostly some really solid action that I enjoyed (though judging from my twitter I’m one of the only ones that did) with Ibushi getting the win with Kamiegoe.
Winner: Ibushi [4] (via Kamigoe) ***1/2

A Block Main Event – Kazuchika Okada vs. Will Ospreay

This was excellent. the big thing here was that Ospreay has never gotten a win over Okada and so there was a lot of added investment from that which makes you really bite into the nearfalls and counters as Ospreay tries hard to finally beat him. this also made the crowd super into it to which really enhanced the atmosphere.
There’s some real good action on the go throughout and a superb and exciting finishing stretch that unfortunately ends up with Ospreay falling victim once again to the Rainmaker. He may not ave gotten the win this time, but if he ever does, it’s gonna be huge. Awesome stuff, I think that’s the best match they’ve had together thus far.
Winner: Okada [8] (via Rainmaker) ****1/2

Two good days that play out quite similarly in terms of match quality with both of the main events being two of my favourite matches from the tournament thus far.

Thanks for reading.


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