NJPW G1 Climax 29 Day 18 (11/8/19) Review



Time for the final day of B Block, with many competitors still in the running, let’s see who comes out on top.

B Block Match – Jeff Cobb vs. Toru Yano

fun little match. Cobb gets the ref to check Yano in beginning and finds a bunch of rolls of tape in his tights. Yano then gets the ref to check Cobb, but uses the distraction to try a schoolboy. He then jams Cobb’s arms in his singlet and tries another schoolboy attempt. From there then he tries some of his usual antics, before Cobb finally kicks him in the face and hits Tour of the Islands to end things and knockout Yano.
Think Cobb’s first G1 was pretty decent overall, didn’t blow me away but he still had a couple corkers.
Yano also had a pretty fun run, though nowhere near the level of his run last year, but still enjoyed him finding some creativity in his thiefing and racking up a couple big wins.
Winner: Cobb [8] (via Tour of the Islands) **3/4

B Block Match – Taichi vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Goddamn this fucking ruled. Taichi was not messing about and came to fight and he didn’t even try any dirty tactics at all, this was straight up fiery dangerous T.
Right from the get go, Taichi hits an axe bomber and backdrop to take instant control, which involves him mostly kicking around Ishii.
Ishii of course gets back into the fight and we get some spirited back and forth that towards the end had me really fired up as Taichi finally puts away Ishii with the Black Mephisto. Crowd were loving it, I was loving it, just had this intense energy you can easily lap up.
What a stellar run Ishii had this G1 and certainly the best of any in both blocks. Just kept delivering great match after great match and ends on a banger too.
Taichi also had a pretty good run and certainly showed that he deserved his spot, and I’m sure a lot more people have come around on him because of that. When he’s fired up like he was in this match, he’s a joy to watch.
Winner: Taichi [8] (via Black Mephisto) ****1/4

B Block Match – Jon Moxley vs. Juice Robinson

This was also great. Juice starts out well, but then stumbles on his injured knee, which Moxley takes advantage of and target throughout most of the match. Juice tries his best to fight through the pain and stay in things, but Moxley is quite relentless in his attacks.
At one point he grabs a table from under the apron but Juice ends up shoving it back under the ring, getting a big cheer from the crowd for being a good guy and listening to the ref..
Towards the end Moxely locks in an STF and it seems as though Juice is gonna be passed out, so ref checks his arm, but Juice just about grabs the ref’s leg on the third drop. Moxley doesn’t see this though and  thinks Juice has passed out, creating an argument with the ref.
He takes out Juice some more, refusing to go for the cover and starts throwing weapons and a  table in the ring. This would proceed to be a mistake though as this allows Juice to get a roll-up for a nearfall and then from there make a big come back sequence, that leads to him winning with Pulp Friction. Moxley temper got the best of him and cost him the G1. Great babyface work from Juice who’s also had quite a consistent run this G1 and I’ve also really enjoyed Moxley being in it. He brought a different flavor and made it really work, and I’d be happy to see him more in New Japan in the future.
Winner: Juice [8] (via Pulp friction) ****

B Block Match – Hirooki Goto vs. Shingo Takagi

This was also terrific. A very competitive match, that takes a few minutes to really get going, but once it does it’s some real good back and forth with some big clashes on the go. Shingo really brought the fight to Goto and it ends up getting most of the nearfalls as he tries hard to put Goto away. And in the end it pas off as he hits Last of the Dragon for a huge win. Got some real nice intensity in this, with both guys really putting in the work.
Poor Goto once again just misses out, despite having quite a good run.
And Shingo more than showed unsurprisingly that he can fit in perfectly with the heavyweights, really delivering big in his matches. Hopefully he’ll continue to be  in it next year too.
Winner: Shingo [8] (via Last of the Dragon0 ****1/4

B Block Final Match – Tetsuya Naito vs. Jay White

Really good main event. Wouldn’t say it was very gripping or special, but I still thought the work they did was good.
It was a very even match, with both guys getting some control to wear each other down.
Then it turns straight into some solid back and forth with White trying a couple underhanded tactics, including the usual ref bump and Gedo trying to get involved.
In the end though, there’s some convoluted countering on the go, but it’s Jay who ends up on top, hitting the Blade Runner to win the block. While not wholly excited by Jay winning, I’m glad he did over Naito, as I think there’s been enough Naito/Ibushi matches hits year already. But I think both guys runs have been pretty solid overall and I’m interested to see how Ibushi/Jay goes tomorrow.
Winner: Jay [12] (via Blade Runner) ***3/4

Overall I thought this was a really good final day for B Block. The final match may not has delivered as well as the rest but it was still very good. Ishii/Taichi, Mox/Juice and Goto/Shingo, are all definitely worth your time. Onto the finals, thank god it’s finally almost over.

Thanks for watching.


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