NJPW G1 Climax 29 Final (12/8/19) Review


It’s finally here the G1 Climax final, as Jay White takes on Kota Ibushi for a shot at the IWGP Title at Wrestle Kingdom, let’s see how it goes.

Now I will be focusing on just the final, but I  did skim through the undercard, and it certainly had some interesting stuff going on, like the Moxley and Juice still feuding over the US Title.
But the biggest thing was KENTA joining Bullet Club and SHIBATA COMING OUT AND TRYING TO TAKE OUT KENTA AND THE BULLET CLUB! AHH!!!, but instead he gets taken out with KENTA even hitting him with a PK, which garners some terrific heat from the crowd. What a tremendous come back for Shibata though, he was on absolute fire. Anyway onto the final.

G1 Climax 29 Final Match – Jay White vs. Kota Ibushi

This was an incredible final match, enhanced by the a tremendous atmosphere.
At the beginning, Jay has all of Bullet Club with him, but Red Shoes, quickly throws them all out, only allowing Gedo to stay. But as soon as Gedo ties to get involved Red Shoes throws him out too.
White finds hit footing early on taking control by targeting Ibushi’s leg, which he does good work with and gets good heat from at certain times.
throughout the match then, White keeps coming back to that leg to stop Ibushi and get in his offence, and I did really like that continuation. I think the only gripe with it, is that it didn’t have that much of effect on Ibushi’s offence and he was a little inconsistent with his selling, but I can forgive it because, it never really took away from my enjoyment or investment of the match.
The leg work also leads to a nice bit of drama where the ref gets knocked down, so Gedo comes out with a chair and Jay smashes Ibushi’s leg with it, before locking in his leg submission, which made for a great struggle as Ibush tries his best to reach the ropes.
Gedo also tries to get involved later on and I can understand his involvement being a problem to some and it would’ve been nice of Jay to wrestle without him. But it was getting a good reaction and adding to the drama, so I was fine with it.
I think everything is paced out real well too, with a fair amount of big offence being thrown in and few nearfalls as well as nice little slapping segment, which all made for some great action.
By the end of it the excitement really amps up, as it becomes a real struggle between the two to try and finish the other guy off and it becomes real edge of your seat stuff with some nice countering on the go, until finally Ibushi manages to hit a Kamigoe for a big nearfall, and then right after exposes his knee and hits a second to finally go and win the G1.
Really terrific work between the two and probably the best match Jay White has had thus far and I’d say my favourite match of the whole G1.
Yeah it had a few issues, but it always stayed very gripping and exciting with a hot crowd really bringing it up a notch and that emotional investment really overshadows any problems.
And well a deserved to win for Ibushi too, been a long time coming for him to finally headline the Tokyo Dome and I very much look forward to it.
Winner: Kota Ibushi (via Kamigoe) ****3/4

And thus that marks the official end of this years G1 and it’s been quite a good one. I’m glad they brought some new faces to the fray, as it really helped mix things up and keep it fresh. Got some great matches out of it, and once again another amazing final to finish off. Thank god it’s over for the year though.

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