WWE Summerslam 2019 Review


Like Takeover yesterday, I’ve barely seen any build to this and it’s probably the least hyped I’ve been for a Summerslam in years, but hey it could provide some good stuff. So let’s see.

I did watch some of the preshow last night, but don’t really have the time to go back through it, so I”m just gonna focus on the main show for now.

Match 1 – WWE Raw Women’s Title Submission Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Natalya

This was a really good opener. Early on Becky keeps trying for submissions on Natalya and there’s this weird clunky sequence that ends with them both on the outside. Natalya then takes control going after Becky’s leg. Becky makes a comeback though and it’s not long before their exchanging submissions, where they first steal each others and then go for their own. It’s Becky with the last laugh though as she makes Natalya submit with the Disarmer.
A lot of real nice struggles in that finishing stretch, with the crowd really into it too. good work from both.
Winner: Becky Lynch (via Disarmer) ***3/4

Match 2 – Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler

Goes exactly how you’d expect. Ziggler trash talks before Goldberg comes out. Hits two superkicks, Goldberg kicks out of both and hits a spear and Jackhammer to win. Fun, but not sure of the point aside from giving Goldberg something to make him look better than his match with ‘Taker.
Winner: Goldberg (via Jackhammer) SQUASH

– After the match Ziggler taunts Goldberg twice on the mic and gets speared both times.

Match 3 – Ricochet vs. AJ Styles

Another really good match. Ricochet starts out well and even uses Anderson and Gallows’ shoulders as stepping stones to hit a ‘rana on Styles which was pretty.
Style finds an opportunity to target Ricochet’s leg though and takes control.
The leg work has a real effect on Ricochet too, making him struggle with some of his offense, so Styles could take advantage. It was a very good sell job and great to see it factored in so well.
At the end Ricochet keeps trying for an aerial maneauvre but Gallows and Anderson try to stop him. He manages to keep them at bay and goes for a Phoenix Dragonrana but Styles keeps ahold of him and hits a Style Clash for a surprise finish.
Crowd reaction seemed to be middling at times, but I really liked what they did here. Though I’m not sure having two matches with leg work so close to each other as the wisest of move.
Winner: AJ Styles (via Styles Clash) ***3/4

– After the match the OC beat on Ricochet and hit the Magic Killer.

– Street Profits does the weird rambling thing they’ve been doing backstage lately and then Ric Flair shows up.

Match 4 – Smackdown Women’s Title Match: Bayley (c) vs. Ember Moon

This was really solid, but the crowd really didn’t seem to care at all, and it’s a damn shame ’cause they were really putting in the effort with some good back and forth. There were a few misteps here and there, but it mostly went very smoothly and was an enjoyable match with Bayley getting the win from a Bayley to belly from the top rope.
Winner: Bayley (via super Bayley to Belly) ***1/2

Match 5 – Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens

This was pretty fun. Quite a few shenanigans on the go as Shane introduces Elias as Special Enforcer, who of course, gets involved heavily, helping Shane get a bit of control and stopping Kevin from getting a pin on a couple of occasions. He also throws a chair in to try and get Owens to use itĀ  and get himself disqualified, but Kevin won’t give into the temptation and ends up taking out Elias with it instead at the end.
For the finish, Kevin has the chair in the ring and he ends up giving it to the ref, but he uses the distraction to low blow Shane and hit a stunner to win his match and keep his job. Didn’t really feel as important as it was probably meant to, but still entertaining for what is was.
Winner: Kevin Owens (via Stunner) ***

– they recap the events of what’s been happening to Roman, and then go straight to Charlotte/Trish Stratus starting…okay, guess there not doing anything else with Roman for the night.

Match 6 – Charlotte Flair vs. Trish Stratus

Very good match between these two. Trish barely looks like she lost a step and in the beginning was busting out some lucha shit and a couple new moves later on.
Of course Charlotte gets a fair amount of control for herself, which was where the crowd seemed half a sleep. But they got more reactive as Trish got more back into the fight and she even locks in the Figure Eight on Charlotte.
In the end though both the Stratusfaction and the Chick Kick fail to get Trish the win and Charlotte boots her down and locks in the Figure Eight to make her submit.
Trish really did look good here and put in the effort, I’d happily see her continue to compete, though I’m sure that’s not gonna be the case.
Winner: Charlotte (via Figure Eight) ***3/4

Match 7 – WWE World Title Match: Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston (c)

Well I thought this was going quite decent. the crowd reaction was certainly not the best, but they had some fairly solid action going on, with Orton getting some control, nothing too exciting, but fairly enjoyable.
Then came the finish, which really didn’t come off well at all. Orton hits the RKO as Kofi jumps off top, but Kofi rolls to the outside.
Orton goes to grab him and starts staring down Kofi’s family at ringside, then out of nowhere (I didn’t hear the ref count) the bell rings and they are both counted out. Kofi ends up grabbing a kendo stick and beating Orton with it before hitting Trouble in Paradise to end it there.
The crowd do not seem fussed at all in what’s going on and in fact seem unhappy with it.
It just felt likeĀ  a very off finish to have, and I’m not sure what they were trying to achieve, aside from allowing the feud to continue. Plus I think the way the match built didn’t really work for that kind of finish anyway. Ah well, that’s a shame.
No Winner: double Countout. **1/2

Match 8 – Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt’s in-ring debut with his Fiend gimmick. I do love the new aesthetic and new rendition of his theme song is awesome.
So yeah, this was essentially a squash. Balor does get a bit of offence in at the end and goes for Coup De Grace, but Wyatt catches him into the Mandible Claw and takes him out for the pinfall. The whole thing came across really well, The Fiend coming off as very intimidating and spooky. Will be interesting to see how long that’ll keep up for though, certainly some great creativity going into it though.
Winner: Wyatt (via Mandible Claw) NR

Main Event – WWE Universal Title Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Seth Rollins

Great match. Very hot opening with Rollins flipping out of two germans and hitting the Curb Stomp.
They spread things out nicely between Lesnar being dominant and Rollins getting in offence. I think what really works with these matches so well, is there’s this sense of urgency when Lesnar’s opponents start getting in offence and it adds a level of excitement, and that’s what happens as Rollins keeps finding ways to stay in the fight and even hits a frog splash through the announce table.
At the end, after kicking out of a second Curb Stomp, Lesnar catches Rollins third attempt into the F5 position, but Rollins counters, kicks him in the face and hits a third curb stomp to successfully win back the Universal Title.
Considering the buildup wasn’t going over too well, they certainly delivered, really good end to the show and glad we’re avoiding another Lesnar run where the title isn’t defended for months.
Winner: Rollins (via Curb Stomp) ****

Overall I thought this was a decent show, never felt it a bit more like a normal PPV mostly, but I enjoyed the majority of it, with the women’s matches and main events being the main highlights. Just a shame about the booking of Kofi and Orton, hopefully they can come out from it though.

Thanks for reading.


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