WWE Wrestlemania X8 Review


So as we get closer to the next Wrestlemania I wanted to try and review some past Wrestlemanias here and I decided to go from X8 upwards this is mainly because I want to watch the final stretch of Raw and Smackdown’s that lead up to these Wrestlemanias and 2002- 2010 are the only build ups I’ve never seen fully, because I only started watching Raw and Smackdown on a weekly basis from mid 2010 onwards. Now I orignally was going to review the Raw and Smackdowns I’ll be watching as well but it would take too much time for me, so I’ve decided to just purely watch them and stick to reviewing just the Wrestlemania’s themselves, so we’ll see how far I manage to get.
So to kick things off we’ve got Wrestlemania X8, the one with Rock/Hogan and…umm..other stuff.

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