HUSTLE HIGHLIGHTS 3 (Christmas 2005)


Time to look back at more HUSTLE and It’s the last of 2005 with two Christmas shows.
Just like previously since I am not fluent in Japanese this will not be a full comprehensive review but is more streamlined and will focus mainly on the matches and anything else I think is worth noting…DO THE CHRISTMAS HUSTLE!

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HUSTLE Highlights 2 (October – November 2005)


Time to look at more HUSTLE stuff this time looking at the 3 events that happened between October and November of 2005 which includes their big show HUSTLEMANIA!, like last time these are gonna be simple reviews that focus mainly on the matches, so let’s go and DO THE HUSTLE!

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HUSTLE Highlights 1 (July – September 2005)


After the death of the RH Archive, which came at a time that I was unable to download shows, I was uncertain whether I’d ever be able to carry on reviewing HUSTLE but I’ve now managed to find a source (for now) to carry it on.  But I’m changing up my formula a little bundling shows together, making things a little more streamlined (not that my reviews have ever had that much depth) and focus mainly on the matches. So in this first volume I’ll be looking at 3 of the shows that happened between July and September of 2005. Enjoy.

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