My Decade with Wrestling (2010 – 2019)


So as we come to the end of the decade, it’s time to reflect on the events of the past 10 years. Wrestling has been real good this decade, the quality and availability of stuff has been higher than ever, though of course this has still been a fair amount of hot garbage to go along with it. But rather than do a match of the decade list, which in all honesty, I would have real trouble picking in the first place, I wanted to just highlight some events and things that have stuck with me or kept me interested as a fan, whether it be something specific or much more general. I did plan writing something big and detailed, but not really had the time to, so instead here’s just a few things that stuck me this decade.

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AJPW Triple Crown Title matches 2000 – 2009 Review

triple crown1

So I really haven’t seen a whole lot of noughties All Japan, so I decided to go through and watch as many Triple Crown Title Matches between 2000 – 2009 a bit like what I started with the NOAH and the GHC belt..
I actually started doing this over a year ago, so I’ve been on and off coming back to it throughout that time and decided to finally get something finished.
Now unfortunately this an incomplete list as there are quite a few matches that I was just not able to find. I’ve still noted them down here though, so if anyone knows where I can watch any of the matches that I’m missing then that would be great.
But anyway lets get right to it.

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My Top 10 Favourite Matches of 2018


So we finally come to the end to another great year of wrestling so time to pick my favourite matches and whilst last year I had a very New Japan heavy list, this year I’ve tried to spread it out a bit more and include matches from all the main promotions I’ve been watching.
I actually found  it to be surprisingly easy to put this years list together as there were a number of matches that really stuck with me that I could think of right away. The interesting thing is how this list is more about the general impact and lasting effect these matches had on me than the actual rating I gave it, which is why you may see a  ****1/2 higher on the list than a  ***** one.

Also as usual this list is completely subjective and not necessarily definitive as opinions can change over time, but this is how I feel in this very moment.

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AJPW 2ND WRESTLE-1 Show (19/1/03) Review


Someone recently uploaded this oddball show and as soon as I saw the card, I thought I would check it out and review it even though I’m not really expecting much good from it, but still find these bizarre shows quite fascinating.
From one I can gather this is the second of two shows run by AJPW in partnership with K-1 and PRIDE. The first show was in Yokohama and was main evented  by Bob Sapp/Great Muta, whilst this one is in the Tokyo Dome and main evented by Bob Sapp/Ernesto Hoost, so there was obviously a lot of money thrown at it considering the venues.
It has a bit of an early HUSTLE vibe to it and certainly looks like a card they would have produced in the beginning almost like a prototype event for it. So lets see how it went.

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AJPW Summer Explosion Series (26/8/18) Review


It’s the big show on All Japan’s Summer Explosion tour featuring the first match of the Oudo Road tournament between Kento Miyahara and Yuji Hino plus the All tag titles and Jr. Heavyweight belt are on the line as well as the Triple Crown Title as Zeus defends against Shuji Ishikawa in the main event.
-Now I will only be focusing on those main matches for this review but I will say that I did quite enjoy the Tatsu/Akiyama vs. Sai/Lee tag match, especially with Akiyama really laying it into Lee.

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