AJPW Triple Crown Title matches 2000 – 2009 Review

triple crown1

So I really haven’t seen a whole lot of noughties All Japan, so I decided to go through and watch as many Triple Crown Title Matches between 2000 – 2009 a bit like what I started with the NOAH and the GHC belt..
I actually started doing this over a year ago, so I’ve been on and off coming back to it throughout that time and decided to finally get something finished.
Now unfortunately this an incomplete list as there are quite a few matches that I was just not able to find. I’ve still noted them down here though, so if anyone knows where I can watch any of the matches that I’m missing then that would be great.
But anyway lets get right to it.

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AJPW Champion Carnival 1993 Matches Review


So Last year, I started chronologically reviewing as many Champion Carnival matches as I could before the start of the 2017 CC. I ended up reaching the year 1992 and so with this year’s CC just around the corner, I’ve managed to go through the 1993 matches before it starts. So lets go!

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AJPW Champion Carnival 1974-1979 matches review

champion carnival

The All Japan Champion Carnival was a tournament started in 1973 by Giant Baba for his promotion AJPW, which has been held every year ever since it was started (aside going on hiatus between 1983-1990), while these days it may not have the same prestige as the G1 Climax and All Japan is a much smaller promotion these days, the tournament has still produced some great matches over the years.  So since this years Champion Carnival is now coming up I thought it be interesting to look back at the tournament from its beginning and review as many matches as I can from each year it was held. Now I know I won’t be able to cover all of it and there’ll be a lot that is unavailable to watch but I’ll cover what I can and will be mainly using the All Japan archive as my source for matches.

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