HUSTLE Highlights 4 (February – March 2006)


So I’ve had this just sitting around for a long while now, and I was meant to add a write up about HUSTLE-15 before publishing it, but I just haven’t been up to it and have decided to discontinue doing these kind of HUSTLE reviews. So here’s the last of the HUSTLE highlights that I wrote about.

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HUSTLE HIGHLIGHTS 3 (Christmas 2005)


Time to look back at more HUSTLE and It’s the last of 2005 with two Christmas shows.
Just like previously since I am not fluent in Japanese this will not be a full comprehensive review but is more streamlined and will focus mainly on the matches and anything else I think is worth noting…DO THE CHRISTMAS HUSTLE!

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HUSTLE Highlights 1 (July – September 2005)


After the death of the RH Archive, which came at a time that I was unable to download shows, I was uncertain whether I’d ever be able to carry on reviewing HUSTLE but I’ve now managed to find a source (for now) to carry it on.  But I’m changing up my formula a little bundling shows together, making things a little more streamlined (not that my reviews have ever had that much depth) and focus mainly on the matches. So in this first volume I’ll be looking at 3 of the shows that happened between July and September of 2005. Enjoy.

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