NJPW New Japan Cup 2020 Day 1 & 2 (16/6/20 – 17/7/20) Review


My wrestling watching has severely tanked in the last few months and of course from that, I haven’t felt much like reviewing stuff either.
But with New Japan making a return, it’s piqued my interest a little more and made me want to do some reviews again. So I thought I’d cover at least some, if not all, of the New Japan Cup.
So here’s day one and two, and as usual, I’ll just be focusing on the tournament matches and skipping the random tags. Let’s go!

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My Decade with Wrestling (2010 – 2019)


So as we come to the end of the decade, it’s time to reflect on the events of the past 10 years. Wrestling has been real good this decade, the quality and availability of stuff has been higher than ever, though of course this has still been a fair amount of hot garbage to go along with it. But rather than do a match of the decade list, which in all honesty, I would have real trouble picking in the first place, I wanted to just highlight some events and things that have stuck with me or kept me interested as a fan, whether it be something specific or much more general. I did plan writing something big and detailed, but not really had the time to, so instead here’s just a few things that stuck me this decade.

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NJPW Royal Quest 2019 Live Show Review


So on Saturday we had three big shows on the go and I wanted to tackle all of them, and this first one I actually got to attend in person.
It was first New Japan show I’ve ever attended and first wrestling show I’ve gone to in just over three years. And with a  quite a good card on the go, I was certainly excited to attend, even though I wasn’t originally meant to go, instead filling in for a spare ticket.

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