WRESTLE-1 2017 Pro Wrestling Love in Yokohama (2/9/17) Review


So WRESTLE-1 had a big show in Yokohame earlier in the month and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna watch it or not, but then I saw the odd looking six man that happened which included Mutoh, Marufuj, Shingo and Fujinami and decided to check it out and post my thoughts.

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Dragon Gate – Dangerous Gate 2017 (18/9/17) Review


It’s one of Dragon Gate’s big shows featuring a Disband match between Jimmyz & VerserK and Mochizuki against Yamato for the Open the Dream Gate Title.
I hadn’t really made definite plans to watch this show, but I happened to wake up really early this morning, so thought I’d go for it and post my thoughts along the way.

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NJPW G1 Climax 27 2017 Day 17 (11/8/17) Review


It’s the last day for A Block as we see who’ll be the first person in the final on Sunday. Tanahashi or Naito? either way it’s sure to be one hoot of a match.

A Block Match 1 – Bad Luck Fale vs. Yuji Nagata

Nagata’s final G1 match ever and it was really good. Sadly Nagata doesn’t get the win but the crowd completely rally behind him and he puts in a great effort coming right at Fale with no fucks given. Of course this doesn’t work so well in the beginning so Fale gets to be in control, so Nagata smartly decides to go after Fale’s leg and manages to hit some big manoeuvres includng an exploder and big backdrop. But despite putting up a helluva fight, Fale managed to get Nagata with the Bad Luck Fall and get the win. Great work from both guys, really managed to go out there and deliver. The end moment was really special too, Fale shows his respect to Nagata and the entire crowd hold Blue Justice signs, chanting for him. A truly emotional moment. Thank you Nagata! what final G1 run too.
Winner: Fale [12] (via Bad Luck Fall) ***3/4

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