WWE Hell In a Cell 2019 Review


It’s Hell in a Cell, a PPV caught int he midst of the big TV network change over, so only four matches actually got announced and built for it. Still, always love a fun cell match so let’s see how Becky Lync/Sasha Banks and Seth Rollins/The fiend deliver.

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All Caged Up: A Ton of WWE Network Cage Matches Reviewed Part Two (1990 – 1999)


So with part two, we get into cage matches of the 90s, and this is where things start to go downhill for the cage match, mainly in the latter half of the 90s as it starts losing credibility. You’ll see what I mean.
Also, once again this is not every cage match from the 90s on the network and it is missing a couple big ones like Owen/Bret, which I’ll just say right now is fantastic and I’ve seen quite a few times already. Anyway, onto the ones I watched during my period of cage mania.

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All Caged Up: A ton of WWE Network Cage Matches Reviewed Part 1 (1970 – 1989)


I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I actually really like cage matches and feel like they’ve become really overlooked these days.
I think that’s mainly because these days they are mostly used as more a throwaway gimmick and seem tame in comparison to more violent match types that came out of it like the Hell in the Cell.
But I still like me a good cage match, So at the beginning of this year, I randomly decided to just starting watching  a bunch of cage matches on the Network and writing short reviews for them, this kind of escalated and I ended up watching probably 70 – 80% of the cage matches available on there. It’s been a good number of months since then, and I’ve finally decided to compile all I wrote in to big chronological sections. though
Now I didn’t actually  watch them in chronological order, but I thought it would be good way to arrange them and see how the cage match differs over time.

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WWE NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff (31/8/19) Review


I’ll admit I don’t really keep up that well with NXT UK, then again I’m barely keeping up with everything else at the moment, but there was no way I was not gonna watch a takeover set in my home country of Wales, and there’s a good chance I would have gone to this, had I not got a ticket to Royal Quest instead.
Either way, the card looks good and there’s a chance for history to be made, so let’s see how it went.

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NJPW Royal Quest 2019 Live Show Review


So on Saturday we had three big shows on the go and I wanted to tackle all of them, and this first one I actually got to attend in person.
It was first New Japan show I’ve ever attended and first wrestling show I’ve gone to in just over three years. And with a  quite a good card on the go, I was certainly excited to attend, even though I wasn’t originally meant to go, instead filling in for a spare ticket.

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