WRESTLE-1 Shining Winter tour 2017 (10/12/17) Review


It’s Wrestle-1’s final big show of the year at Korakuen Hall, so I decided to check it out as perhaps my final review for 2017. Lets see how it goes.

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WRESTLE-1 2017 Pro Wrestling Love in Yokohama (2/9/17) Review


So WRESTLE-1 had a big show in Yokohame earlier in the month and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna watch it or not, but then I saw the odd looking six man that happened which included Mutoh, Marufuj, Shingo and Fujinami and decided to check it out and post my thoughts.

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W-1 WRESTLE-1 Tour 2017 Cherry Blossom 19/4/17 Review


Wrestle-1 is promotion that I really haven’t seen much of at all since it started, people tend not to talk about it much or hold it in high regard but I’ve been curious to check out more their stuff and decided to watch this recent show, which features Shuji Kondo in the main event, who I’ve always liked but haven’t seen much of in a good few years. Though there’s seems to be alot of names I’m not very familiar with or have even heard of too, so it’ll be interesting to look at some new faces. Let’s jump right into things.

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