NJPW New Japan Cup 2020 Day 1 & 2 (16/6/20 – 17/7/20) Review


My wrestling watching has severely tanked in the last few months and of course from that, I haven’t felt much like reviewing stuff either.
But with New Japan making a return, it’s piqued my interest a little more and made me want to do some reviews again. So I thought I’d cover at least some, if not all, of the New Japan Cup.
So here’s day one and two, and as usual, I’ll just be focusing on the tournament matches and skipping the random tags. Let’s go!

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AEW Full Gear 2019 Review

AEW full gear

It’s AEW Full Gear, their first PPV since starting weekly TV. I have been keeping up with Dynamite and enjoying it, though i do have my gripes. But this PPV looked to be good with Cody challenging Jericho for the AEW Title and Moxley/Omega finally getting their singles match.

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All Caged Up: A Ton of WWE Network Cage Matches Reviewed Part Two (1990 – 1999)


So with part two, we get into cage matches of the 90s, and this is where things start to go downhill for the cage match, mainly in the latter half of the 90s as it starts losing credibility. You’ll see what I mean.
Also, once again this is not every cage match from the 90s on the network and it is missing a couple big ones like Owen/Bret, which I’ll just say right now is fantastic and I’ve seen quite a few times already. Anyway, onto the ones I watched during my period of cage mania.

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My Top 10 Favourite Matches of 2018


So we finally come to the end to another great year of wrestling so time to pick my favourite matches and whilst last year I had a very New Japan heavy list, this year I’ve tried to spread it out a bit more and include matches from all the main promotions I’ve been watching.
I actually found  it to be surprisingly easy to put this years list together as there were a number of matches that really stuck with me that I could think of right away. The interesting thing is how this list is more about the general impact and lasting effect these matches had on me than the actual rating I gave it, which is why you may see a  ****1/2 higher on the list than a  ***** one.

Also as usual this list is completely subjective and not necessarily definitive as opinions can change over time, but this is how I feel in this very moment.

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