WWE 205 Live 14/2/17 Review


Time for another addition of ‘the most exciting hour on television’. This week we are getting the debut of Gran Metalik!

Rich Swann vs Noam Dar

Swann’s return match from injury. Swann cuts a promo beforehand says its valentines days and he’s gonna dedicate his match to Aliciiaa Fuuuooxxx except ‘she can’t handle this’. Well alright-y then. Match was pretty good overall, Swann showcases his athleticism while Dar goes for a more tactical mat based approach which in the end fails. Good to see Swann back 100% though. Winner: Rich Swann(via 2nd rope Phoenix Splash)**3/4

Neville and Perkins are interviewed split screen about their main event match. Perkins does a little better with his talking, keeping out all the game references, Neville doesn’t say as much but still comes across as intimidating. Did OK to hype the main event, nothing special.

We get a Gran Metalik video package to hype his debut tonight!

Gran Metalik vs Drew Gulak

Metalik’s debut 205 live match and it was good. Metalik got showcase his flashy high flying offense while Gulak tried his best to keep him grounded. Had a bit of shaky start to begin as Gulak attack Metalik straight off the bat and when Metalik goes for the first springboard move, he slips a little and gets a bit caught up in the ropes but Gulak recovers it well by shoving him down. Good stuff all in all though very happy to finally see him on the show and crowd seemed to like him a little too. Winner: Gran Metalik(via Metalik Driver) ***

Brian Kendrick meets Tozawa backstage and asks Tozawa to be his protege. Tozawa says no and Kendrick wonder if he can even understand what he says. Tozawa says he understands and doesn’t like Kendrick. Fair do’s

Main event: Neville vs TJ Perkins

Solid main event here. that have a really good technical exchange to begin and the match stays pretty back and forth for most part. Lots of good action going on. The main problem though is the crowd just don’t care much for TJ still and we had the odd Austin Aries chant bust out, he’s got the in ring talent, he just can’t seem to connect with the audience though. Winner: Neville(via Ring of Saturn style submission)***1/2

Post-match Gallagher runs out and him and Neville have a small physical exchange with Gallagher coming out on top with a lovely headbutt.

Good show overall a Solid main event, A long awaited debut and a welcome return. Cool stuff.***