WWE NXT Takeover: New York 2019 Review (5/4/19)


So I’m delayed reviewing this because I watched it just before Wrestlemania with my friends. I managed to stay spoiler free though, which is always nice and with a damn fine looking card, let’s see how it delivered.

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WWE NXT Takeover: Orlando 1/4/17 Review


Match 1: SAnity vs. Kassius Ohno/Roderick Strong/Tye Dillinger/Ruby Riot

So No Way Jose was meant to be in this match, but was injured at axxess so he got replaced by Ohno.
This was a solid opener with a fun finishing stretch that could have easily gone either way but they kept SAnity looking like a strong group. The women stuff was kept minimal so they didn’t have much of a chance to showcase themselves unfortunately, but everyone looked pretty good and Tye was super over, he really works well in the babyface role. Good stuff overall.
Winner: SAnity(via Assault driver) ***1/2

Match 2: Aleister Black vs. Andrade Cien Almas

So this is the debut match from Black and his entrance was awesome, eh definitely has great presence and carries himself well. Match itself was pretty good, kept it back and forth and quite physical, so it was quite a good first start for Black.
Winner: Black(via Black Mass) ***1/4

Match 3: Elimination NXT Tag Team Title Match – Authors Of Pain (c) vs. DIY vs. The Revival

What a great match this was. AOP looked absolutely unstoppable, they got doubled teamed by DIY & Revival and put through a table but nothing could put them down, crowd were livid when DIY were eliminated and AOP drew loads of heat from it, Revival tried to take opportunities to win but it just wasn’t enough and AOP get the win. Lots of good action, fun spots and just all around great work from everyone.
Winners: AOP(via Super collider) ****1/2

Match 4: NXT Womens Title Match – Asuka (c) vs. Ember Moon

Really solid match here, kept back and forth and at a good pace. Moon is the most viable contender Asuka has had for her title and they played that into the match, with Asuka trying to avoid Moon’s finisher throughout which leads to the end with her pushing the ref into the ropes to take Ember off the top and hitting a brutal kick to the head to get the win. The cheap finish gives Asuka good heat and shows her becoming desperate for the first time to retain her title, which is for sure gonna lead to a rematch. Good stuff.
Winner: Asuka(via Kick the head) ***1/2

Main Event: NXT Title match – Bobby Roode(c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Solid main event here, bit of a slow beginning which I didn’t mind much, but they really picked it up towards the end and it’s made better with the great selling from the two. Roode was selling the arm after getting trapped in a cross armbreaker and Nakamura sold his neck and leg after Roode worked on them both, building on their previous match with Roode stepping up his game to take out Nakamura. Match isn’t for everyone and I still think Roodes wrestling style is a little bland but I enjoyed what they did overall.
Winner: Roode(via Glorious DDT) ***1/2

Overall this was  really solid show, the tag title match is the only thing must-see but everyone did well and it’s all worth your time if you have it to spare. very enjoyable. ***3/4