Wrestle-1 Pro Wrestling Love in Yokohama 2019 (1/9/19) Review


So I’ve really fallen behind on Japanese wrestling, these past few months including Wrestle-1, but I definitely knew I wanted to watch and review this show at least, since it’s one of their biggest of the year. So let’s see how it went, as Inaba challenges T-Hawk for the W-1 Title in the main event.

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NJPW Royal Quest 2019 Live Show Review


So on Saturday we had three big shows on the go and I wanted to tackle all of them, and this first one I actually got to attend in person.
It was first New Japan show I’ve ever attended and first wrestling show I’ve gone to in just over three years. And with a  quite a good card on the go, I was certainly excited to attend, even though I wasn’t originally meant to go, instead filling in for a spare ticket.

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