WWE Smackdown Live 14/3/17 review


Its Smackdown Live and we are getting closer and closer to ‘Mania. Lers go!

-Recap of last weeks main event.

-Daniel Bryan is on the phone and Styles interrupts looking for Shane, Bryan tells him to calm down and Styles won’t… he’s tired of being screwed over and he’s gonna address the crowd right now.

-Styles comes to ring and looks pissed…he’s sick of being messed with by Daniel Bryan &
Shane O’ Mac…he should be in the main event and jumped through hoops like a circus monkey…he runs through all he’s been through…says he had the best year in 2016, the reason people watch Smackdown live…but yet he has no match at ‘Mania…gonna have a conversation tonight with Shane about his career…’If he even has one.’*throws Mic*Pretty good stuff from Styles few times seemed like he was gonna stumble but he got his point across well.

-Mauro and Otunga couldn’t make it for the show so its just Tom Phillips and JBL on commentary.

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

Decent little match, nothing special but enjoyable enough, liked the michinoku driver on the outside.
Winner: Lynch(the disarmer) **1/2

-Post-match Carmella superkicks both Becky and Natalya.

-Carmella interviewed backstage says she’ll be in the match at ‘Mania.

-Its time for Miz TV…they take a look at what happened last week including them on talking Smack…they continue to talk down Cena/Nikki, Maryse then tells a story of Nikki stabbing Maryse in the back and screwing her out of a Total Divas contract…She’s gonna expose Nikki as a lying backstabbing bitch.
Out comes John Cena & Nikki but Maryse & Miz quickly exit the ring…Nikki says Maryse is crazy…all she does is stand there and squeeze the arm of an excuse of a man..shewants to fight Maryse tonight…Miz disagrees says Marys has nothing to prove and they are about to leave…
But out comes GM Daniel Bryan…says Miz promised a special edition of MizTV but didn’t deliver and it reminds him of all the reasons why he really wants to punch Miz in the face…but since he can’t he announces the Miz/Maryse vs Cena/Nikki match at ‘Mania. Interesting that they late the ladies doe the talking some of it was a little muddled but they did pretty well on the mic though and I love how hyped Bryan was to put Miz in the ‘Mania match. Good stuff.

Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss

Another pretty decent women’s match, crowd seemed unsure of how to react to Mickie so they stayed silent, don’t think she’s done enough to make them cheer. Few fumbly bits here and there but both women did quite well. Mickie’s win give her good momentum for the ‘Mania match.
Winner: Mickie James(via Mick Kick) **1/2

-Styles interviewed in the parking garage about his intentions..says ‘Mania is the ultimate thrill ride but since he’s not in a  match gonna get his thrills elsewhere…Shane turns up gets out of his car and Styles beats the hell out of him, finally throwing him through a car door window…Finlay comes out tells Styles to stop and shouts for Paramedics. Nice vicious streak by Styles there

-Styles starts leaving the locker room with his stuff and Daniel Bryan turns up with police…he’s not happy at all with what Styles as done…Styles asks what he’s gonna do, fire him?…Bryan says damn right he’s gonna fire him and tells the officers to escort him out the building. So is he fired? interesting…

Mojo Rawley vs. Dolph Ziggler

This was very short and I really enjoyed what we got. Basically since this match stems from them both being in the Andre the Giant Battle Royale, in the beginning of the match, Mojo throws Ziggler out of the ring twice in the row, this of course pisses of Ziggler who then gets some offence in goes to then throw Mojo out himself but Mojo reverse and throws him out again, so Ziggler just decides to leave and take the countout loss. Just a  nice way to hype the battle royale that I really liked.
Winner: Mojo(via countout) NR

-Randy Orton is now out to address Wyatt…talks about him joining him and how the best way to get to Wyatt was to destroy the one thing he loves, Sister Abigail…Now Wyatt is alone and afraid and he is gonna finish what he started at ‘Mania where he will take everything from Wyatt.
Wyatt shows up on screen…Says Orton was right but he may have think he has burned the spirit of Sister Abigail but she is a spawn of Satan and she has bestowed her power unto him…his duty is to purge all the infidels in this life starting with Orton…he is born again and then BAPTISES HIMSELF WITH SISTER ABIGAILS ASHES..he raises he his arms ‘Follow The Buzzards ‘SCREAM!’. End segment Ok…that was strange, I love it!, I’m really enjoying  how absurd this feud has gone, probably more so than most. Totally behnd Wyatt rubbing himself in dead ashes.

-Corbin is interviewed backstage about last week...Just nice little promo about putting Ambrose down for good and taking his IC title.

American Alpha vs The Uso’s

Finally the tag division is back after being away for two weeks, and it was a decent match, standard tag stuff for most part but it really picked up the last couple of minutes. Uso’s winning gives them good momentum for a tag title match.
Winners: The Uso’s(via superkick) **3/4

-Shane comes out from the back on to the stage says Styles now has an opponent at ‘Mania. End Show.

Not a bad show little light on the wrestling front, but thats usually the case when going into ‘Mania, the show still remains easily digestable though and I like the approach they are taking with things, like Orton/Wyatt and Shane/Syles and I pretty much enjoyed it all, so I think they are building to ‘mania well. Still a bit more wrestling would be nice. **3/4




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